Limit Your Child’s Screen Time with Our New E-Book

and Still Maintain Your Sanity

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Limit Screen Time
Denny Strecker

About The Book

Parenting Strategies for Limiting Screentime

The ebook “How to Limit Your Child’s Screentime – and Still Maintain Your Sanity” provides parents with comprehensive strategies for limiting their child’s screentime. Learn how to create a healthy balance between screens and other activities, like outdoor play and reading. Discover how to set boundaries, manage expectations, and provide meaningful activities to help your child overcome their addiction to screens.

Practical and Proven Techniques

This ebook is filled with practical and proven techniques for helping your child limit their screentime. Learn how to effectively manage your child’s device usage and set clear rules and expectations. Plus, gain access to a variety of resources and tools to help you keep your child away from screens.

Restore Your Sanity

Let “How to Limit Your Child’s Screentime – and Still Maintain Your Sanity” help restore your sanity! With this ebook, you’ll get the guidance and support you need to help your child overcome the addiction of screens. Plus, you’ll learn how to maintain a sane and balanced lifestyle while still setting limits for your child. Get started today!

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